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Reviewing Wrestling’s Worst Matches With Our Vantage Point’s Joe Marotta & Michael Quinn - Episode 119

July 30, 2018

Pro wrestler "The Kingpin" Brian Milonas is BACK, baby, but referee Mike Crockett is preoccupied with other duties (doodies?), leaving Brian to call backup in the form of Joe Marotta & Michael Quinn from Our Vantage Point, the Retro Wrestling Podcast (@ovppodcast)! For two weeks straight, we've looked at the WORST of wrestling, so the Summer of Negativity continues as we review three of the worst matches in WWE, TNA and WCW history. Hear us gag over Chris Nowinski & Jackie Gayda vs. Bradshaw & Trish Stratus! Listen in horror as we break down Sharmell vs. Jenna Morasca (who?)! Get dizzy as we attempt to make sense of the Mega Powers vs. EVERYONE in the Doomsday Triple Cage Match!

Plus, a Promo About Nothing with not-so-honest Abe, Brian's first thoughts on Ring Of Honor in Madison Square Garden, and Hey Hey, it's Brian's second favorite podcast duo!

Promo About Nothing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiJqneZmxIM

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