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Crockett’s Wrestling Intervention & Fake Or 500 Is Back - Episode 189

December 9, 2019

Ring Of Honor Wrestling's "The Brawler" Brian Milonas is buried in boxes at the moment, so Chaotic Wrestling's "Firebrand" Brian Fury used this opportunity to take over the podcast from referee Mike Crockett! What was supposed to be a NXT & AEW review show became a confrontation - an intervention of sorts - where Fury gets to the bottom of Crockett's lack of enthusiasm for today's wrestling product. What is Mike's actual position on the current scene, and can Brian help turn him around? A really interesting discussion on what we grew up with and how it relates to what we see on our TV and in the arenas today. From there, Crocksox looks for revenge by challenging Fury to a game of "Fake Or 500"!

Plus, this Promo About Nothing is about other people's property, Fury returns to the ring (again) this Friday, and our feud with Kofi Kingston & The New Day begins!

Promo About Nothing: https://twitter.com/maskedwrestlers/status/1193597535614652416?s=20

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